Corporate Offsite


Corporate Offsite


Follow an intense day of an training workshop (on teambuilding and leadership) with an evening of luxury, relaxation and fun. With three venue options to choose from there is something for every need. All our venue are equippted with state of the art AV systems.

Our outdoor desert experiential workshops are a combination of exciting simulations and innovative, powerful debriefs, discussions and interventions. Evenings are spent in the spa, swimming pool, dance floor or around a bonfire and live barbeque. Or perhaps, being part of a complete special theme evening.

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  • Total Seating Capacity 300
  • Customizable Setup as per need
  • 91 rooms, 4 mini suites & 5 Suites to accomodate everyone
  • Total Covered Area 1402 m²
  • Imperial Rajasthani Decor & Ambience
  • 3 Restaurants & 2 Bars

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  • Ganga Villas
  • Board Room
  • Fort View Open-Air Hall
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